Homecare Planning Solutions contracts with corporate entities such as Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans to provide Medicaid related services. If you are interested in contracting with Homecare Planning Solutions to provide Medicaid services for your company, please email The following is an outline of services which can be contracted:

Medicaid Renewals (Recertifications)

Medicaid renewals (recertifications) are the backbone that maintains the membership of any Medicaid managed care. It can be particularly challenging to ensure that members enrolled in Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans complete and send in their yearly renewals. This is due to the unique demographics of these plans’ membership – enrollees must require a level of care that would generally be provided in a nursing home. We specialize in working with this population and our staff has years of experience assisting them with Medicaid renewals.

Medicaid Applications

Many companies would like to provide their members or potential members with assistance in applying for Medicaid, but lack the knowledge and/or infrastructure to do so. Homecare Planning Solutions offers these companies an efficient, cost-effective way to provide this service.

Code Fixes

Medicaid has all sorts of codes that can restrict enrollment into a particular type of manged care or program. These codes can be a nuisance for the enrollment personnel at these companies, as well as the potential enrollees. Homecare Planning Solutions can assist with the removal of these codes and help boost your enrollments.